These are the quests and time-limited events in Angel Salvation. All data is taken from version 1.10 of the game.


Element Region Name Quest # Quest Name Mana Rounds Evolution Item
Mix Odyssey
29-4Thrill of Ogygia127
29-3Ismaros Lament127
29-2Sparta Encounter127
29-1Turn of Charybdis127
Dark Witches Mountain
28-5Mystic Surrender1410
28-4Spellbound Enchantment117
28-3Witch Hunt117
28-2Witches' Covenant117
28-1Mysterious Compact117
Light Star Walk
27-5Celestial Defense1410
27-4Galactic Attack117
27-3Stellar Retreat117
27-2Light Dance117
27-1Light Dance117
Plant Nottingham
26-5Will Scarlet's Revenge1210
26-4Ale House II107
26-3Little John's Bridge107
26-2Ale House I107
26-1Prince John's Castle107
Water Promordial Earth
25-2Sea Quake107
25-1Ocean Emergence107
Fire Burning Synagogue
24-5Combustion Skirmish1210
24-4Smoke Trail107
24-3Revenge Blaze107
24-2Flare Scare107
24-1Fuse Spark107
MixMab's Palace
23-5Blister Plague1210Magic Mask, Batteries
23-4Heart Ache107Magic Mask, Batteries
23-3Love Betrayal107Magic Mask, Batteries
23-2Jealous Sting107Magic Mask, Batteries
23-1Widow's Web107
22-5Valhalla Crypt1110Magic Mask
22-4Odin's Palace97Magic Mask
22-3Viking Fortress97Magic Mask
22-2Tree of Glasir97Magic Mask
22-1Hrimthur's Wall97Magic Mask
21-5Poseidon's Reef1110Magic Mask
21-4Wave Quest97Magic Mask
21-3Coral Fortress97Magic Mask
21-2Silenus' Cove97Magic Mask
21-1Pillars of Hercules97Magic Mask
20-5Treachery Ring1110
20-4Fraud Ring97
20-3Violence Ring97
20-2Heresy Ring97
20-1Anger Ring97
MixThe Devil Territory
19-5Omega Challenge1110
19-4Tainted Sun97
19-3Dire Maul97
19-2Devil's Jump97
19-1Light Clash97
DarkLost Ruins
18-5Black Rock Spire87
18-4Black Rock Depth87
18-3Blood Diamond87Bathin Box, Dark Spirit
18-2Mind Snipe87
18-1Prison of Darkness87
LightThe High Heavens
17-5Powerful Paladin87
17-4Blade of Religion87
17-3Butterfly Wind87Bathin Box, Holy Spirit
17-2Gental Barbelo87
17-1Heaven's Sabotage87
GrassVoodoo Pound
16-5Challenge of Artemis77
16-4Razor's Grip77
16-3Black Morass77Bathin Box, Wind Spirit
16-2Rock Crumble77
16-1Prison of Forest77
WaterFrozen Sea
15-5Forest Subterfuge77
15-4Wailing Caverns77
15-3Tempest Keep77Bathin Box, Water Spirit
15-2Banshee Screech77
15-1Terror Attack77
FireFire of Augustus
14-5Attack of the Warrior77
14-4Colonel Encounter77
14-3The Guardian77Bathin Box, Fire Spirit
14-2Persian Nightmare77
14-1Prison of Fire77
MixAn Old Enemy
13-5Hurricane Attack77
13-4Eve of Desctruction55
13-3Road Blockers55
13-2Road War55Foras Box, Marax Box
13-1Strategic Retreat55
DarkDarkness Falls
12-5Evil Ripper55
12-4Dark Spirit55
12-3Dark Destroyer55
12-2Pounder of Darkness55Dark Casque
12-1The First Level55
LightPalace Of The Light
11-5Dazzling Ripper55
11-4Little Fairy55
11-3Sparkling Vice55
11-2Light Journey55Holy Casque
11-1Hall of Holyness55
GrassDangerous Jungle
10-5Tree ripper55
10-4Ax Encounter55
10-3Axmen's Lament55
10-2Pounder of Forest55Wind Casque
10-1Jungle Rumble55
WaterSea War
9-5Fire & Ice55
9-4Frost Archer55
9-3Ice Destroyer55
9-2Pounder of Ice55Ice Casque
9-1Icey Water55
FireThrough Volcano
8-5Blaze Skirmish55
8-4Flame Encounter55
8-3Spark Fight55
8-2Pounder of Fire55Fire Casque
8-1Fire Dance55
MixImperious Duel
7-3Eruption Crater55
7-2Rage Encounter33
7-1Anger March33Foras Box, Marax Box
DarkTomahawk Field
6-3Plains Scuffle55
6-2Spirit Fight33
6-1Comanche Pass33Foras Box, Dark Mask
LightStar Beacon
5-3Forgotten Tomb55
5-2Red Dwarf33
5-1Astral War33Foras Box, Holy Mask
GrassWood Haven
4-3Blinding Light55
4-2Little John's Bridge33
4-1Arrow Cove33Foras Box, Wind Mask
WaterFrozen Arena
3-3Dark Forest55
3-2Bagler Battle33
3-1Ice Palace33Foras Box, Ice Mask
2-3Glacier Lair55
2-2Virgil's Lament33
2-1Acheron33Foras Box, Fire Mask
MixDiritta Via
1-3Mephistopheles' Lair55
1-2L Sol Tace33
1-1Basso Loco33Foras Box

Time Limited EventsEdit

Region Name Quest # Quest Name Mana Rounds Evolution Item
Monday Events
a.Holy Casque105Fire Casque, Ice Casque, Wind Casque, Holy Casque, Dark Casque
Tuesday Events
c.Wind Helmet2510Fire Helmet, Ice Helmet, Wind Helmet, Holy Helmet, Dark Helmet
b.Ice Helmet2510Fire Helmet, Ice Helmet, Wind Helmet, Holy Helmet, Dark Helmet
a.Fire Helmet2510Fire Helmet, Ice Helmet, Wind Helmet, Holy Helmet, Dark Helmet
Wednesday Events
a.Magic Spirit105Fire Spirit, Water Spirit, Wind Spirit, Holy Spirit, Dark Spirit
Thursday Events
a.Bathin Box105Foras Box, Marax Box, Bathin Box
Friday Events
a.Magic Mask105Fire Mask, Ice Mask, Wind Mask, Holy Mask, Dark Mask, Magic Mask
Saturday/Sunday Events
c.Magic Gem2010None
b.Rare Gem1510None
a.Polychrome Gem1010None